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Dream - Plan - Do


Hey, I'm Karla Pizzica and I'm a Brand Visionary & Business Mentor.   In my line of work, I see women in their online businesses getting overwhelmed with social media, blogging and ya know... with the whole content strategy thing (or lack thereof).  

Like it or not - as business owners, we all need a content strategy.  It's the way of being on socials now, but it doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming! 

This is WHY I created a resource for YOU. 

If you've tried all things... I've broken it down and made it easier for you! Side note... I had to figure out how to do this myself because I couldn't stick to other people's linear "systems".  I would try and fail over and over again.  I realised that my brain works differently as I'm creative and don't like to box myself in. 

I realised that so many other women felt the same as me. 

So I created this for myself.  Then I taught this to my private clients, and now I've packaged it up all pretty for you!

You'll receive: 

  • 50 Content Ideas aligned to your soul-mate client so you'll never run out of ideas post again
  • How to structure your content strategy in 3-Steps.
  • Get CLARITY on your brand & your messaging
  • Create Goals & Themes for your business
  • A FULL weekly strategy for your socials 
  • A lesson on "How to create content easily & quickly"!

Never run out of content ideas again, have a clear plan for the future of your brand + get your content planned in advance so you can enjoy your time focusing on what you do best! 

What People Are Saying:

Karla this trello board and PDF is incredible!!!! If only I had met you when I began my biz journey I realize how much I have stumbled through the dark trying to work it all out for myself and creating some unhealthy habits in my marketing and biz creation/strategy process. Now I am unlearning complicated systems, you are such a breath of fresh air beautiful... Thank you! xx

Jade Mason